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TRAONYX Quality Control

The Natural Stone Quality Control is the most important procedure in stone business. Our experienced QC will carefully to examine and inspect all orders according to customers’ request. Before the wooden packing, our QC will inspect each piece of stone tiles and Slabs the color, specification, treatment; also our QC will take the customers’ request in the consideration during QC procedure. Example: Our Blue Stone Quality Control Standards.


Controls prior to delivery of stone

The heterogeneity of natural stone is sometimes matters of dispute between the contractor and the supplier as the expected look is not obtained once the work is complete. This is because the natural stone usually has variations of color, texture, marbled, etc., associated with its natural origin and, moreover, need not constitute grounds for rejection.

In fact, many designers look to enhance the aesthetic value of the pavement from the variations in appearance. In general, it could be said that the variations in appearance along with a sufficiently harmonious laying can be a tool of architectural design, rather than a cause of rejection. Therefore it is necessary that, before delivery of the material, the manufacturer provides a reference sample consisting of at least four pieces and covering an area of at least 0,36 m2. The said sample must represent the extreme and average aspects of the material and must be accepted by agreement between the supplier, the project management and property owner. The criteria for acceptance or rejection of certain defects must be defined contractually between the manufacturer and the client before the start of supply. In general, following defects could be considered as grounds for rejection: broken pieces, pieces with cracks on some surface, pieces with breakage in the corner and breakage or chipping of the edges.

TRAONYX ensures accuracy and punctual deliveries worldwide, even for small orders, with effective logistics in organisation and delivery of orders, using programmed and optimized paths.


Controls at work site upon the reception of the stone

The proper use of natural stone requires a reception control work to ensure the provisions of the project. Different sampling systems can apply to inspect on site, during the reception of natural stone products. One of them is the standard ISO 2859-1:2012. Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes. Part 1: Sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection. To implement this system, we have to consider, first, some issues explained below:

- The products received must be grouped in lots. A lot is the number of units sampled and it must be agreed before delivery between the supplied and the client, even specifying from project. Usually each delivery that reaches the work site constitutes a lot.

- From each lot we will extract a sample, which is composed of a representative number of units of it. The sample will be taken from the lot, in general, randomly.

- The ISO standard provides a number of inspection levels: three levels of normal inspection and four special inspection levels, called S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-4. The inspection level recommended for natural stone is S-3.

- Acceptance Quality Limit AQL (%):It is the average maximum percentage of non -conformists can be tolerated in a number of lots to be considered satisfactory. In natural stone the AQL used is 4%.

Knowing all this, to apply this system we use a set of normalized tables where the criteria for acceptance and rejection of products depending on the size of our lots located on work site.


We have local Quality Control Inspectors Nationwide and Globally

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