About us

TRAONYX is a diversified global supplier of natural, craft, gem stone and minerals. We are leading at international level manufacturer and supplier of high quality Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Granite, Crystal, Traonyx tile and slab stone.

Traonyx is working on two business lines, import and export. In export line, we are working on Iranian Onyx, Marble, Crystalline Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Traonyx as slab/block and tile. We are exclusive agent for most of them which their patterns and sorts are unrivaled. Also there is river stone which we are exporting specially and they are new on universal market.

In import line, we are working on precious and semi-precious stones like agate, quartz and … which their origin is Italy and export as slabs. They will process on Italy as Traonyx pattern which can be cut to size according to customer desire. Also we could supply the accessories of these stones too. They are special not only for their unique pattern but also their quality.

TRAONYX Stone quality stems from innovative technology and effective solutions that look to the future of natural stone manufacturing, for all varieties of stone including (but not only) marble, granite, onyx and travertine.
Strengthened by years of experience, the company can look confidently and professionally to the international market.

Our Luxurious collection is all hand-made by our top Italian designers. Precious Stone, Gem Stone and Shell Stone are the ingredients to this stylish creation. This collection will open your mind to what is possible

The creativity of design transforms the finest minerals. Exclusive and sophisticated, the contrasts in colour merge together with the splendour of the processed surfaces, caressed by reflections of natural light.

Unique and enchanting, TRAONYX Luxury Collection gems are synonymous with sophistication and charm. They decorate rooms with style and originality and create incredibly elegant solutions. To enrich rooms with precious stones. Original material is creatively interpreted to give life to infinite forms that convey splendour and magnificence.

Over 120 varieties of select and precious gems enrich the TRAONYX Precioustone Collection. Amethyst, quartz, jasper and agate are transformed into coverings of sheer class. These stones, particularly the translucent varieties that can be lit-up from behind, create unique colour effects and add original touches to a room. To enhance rooms and make them unique.

Decorative compositions with unique ornamental designs add a touch of originality to coverings. This delicate collection proposes sought-after solutions that are a class apart. To stylishly furnish the most luxurious rooms.

In large, small and 3D versions, this collection combines small mother of pearl pieces that recall the colours of the sea. The 3D Collection transforms surfaces with striking tricks of the light and depth effects. To light up rooms with amazing creations.

Fine Swarovski jewels embellish natural stones and transform spaces with original designs and stunning creations.

Stylish Swarovski creations, set into natural stone using painstaking craftsmanship, stylishly bring out the beauty of surfaces. To make rooms unique and add sheer elegance.
A silvery gold dust delicately covers the extraordinary magnificence of precious stones. The elegant beauty of the workmanship transforms surfaces with style and originality.

Unique solutions, decorated with sophisticated touches of gold and silver, characterise the evergreen charm of this collection. The Preciousglitter Collection sparks the imagination of architects and designers the world over, creating forever new and exclusive colour effects. To decorate surfaces with sophisticated tricks of light.